About Our Toys

Why wooden toys?

  • Wooden toys are timeless and do not tend to go out of fashion;
  • They can be passed down from generation to generation;
  • They do not need batteries;
  • They are durable and long lasting;
  • Eco-friendly toys do not contain PVCs, phthalates and other chemicals found in plastic toys;
  • When playing, children are learning – “the toy is not the story but the beginning of one” – many modern toys with flashing lights, moving parts and electronics create the story stifling the child’s imagination;
  • Carefully selected materials in the construction of wooden toys are environmentally friendly;
  • Wooden toys are tactile; and
  • Wooden toys are quiet, even if the children are making lots of noise.


What timber do we use?

Our toys are predominantly constructed from locally sourced Pine, Maple and/or Tasmania Oak. We do not use recycled timber. While the use of recycled timber can be environmentally friendly, for toys it is a safety concern unless a full history of the timber is known. Leaded paint may have been used to coat the timber, or it could have been treated chemically for preservation, are just two of the issues facing the toymaker.


What finishes do we use?

As noted before, the majority our toys are finished with a protective beeswax solution. When considering what finish you require, please consider the following:

Polyurethane (Estapol/Cabothane)

The main advantage of this finish is durability. The quality of the look and feel of the finish is also very good.

The main disadvantage of polyurethane is that it contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds are used to facilitate the drying process. When purchasing a toy using this product, it is important that the finish has been cured (not simply dried) for at least thirty days under prescribed environmental conditions. After this, even though there may be some VOCs left, it is safe.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil used on our toys is 100% plant based and food safe.

The disadvantage of Orange Oil is durability compared to a polyurethane finishes. However, the occasional wipe over of a toy with a cloth and the oil, will quickly bring the toy back to excellent condition.


 Please Note: None of our toys are totally waterproof and thus are not designed to be left outdoors for a period of time or exposed to water for more than a couple of minutes. When exposed to water though, they can be simply wiped dry with a clean cloth.

How long will it take before my order is shipped?

  • Toys that are not being customised but are in stock: Shipping time - a couple of days
  • Toys that are being customised or not in stock : Shipping time - 2 weeks approximately (we will keep you informed of the progress of your order)